ANTI Education is built on three core fundamentals;

Improve Salon Retail

Improve Salon Business

Improve Salon Fashion 


As part of ANTI Salon Business Access you will gain invaluable skills and networking opportunities in all things Salon Business. Our aim is to give you a stronger business foundation in order for you to become an industry leader by sharing mutual foundations and standards with other key leaders in the industry. Curated by some of the most successful and relevant salon owners in the world, ANTI Salon Business Access taps into the skills and resources of some of the world’s most recognized salons and individuals. The sharing of everyday strategies, ideas and business advice is severely lacking in hairdressing and it’s up to us to elevate and provide access to a higher standard of business that supports the skills, passion and potential in our industry. 

The ANTI philosophy is to administer visible salon growth with our A.G.E (Action, Growth, Energy). We will create a forum of ideas for both professional and personal development that will greatly impact salon performance, team growth and add new touch points to the client experience. It is crucial to inspire professional leadership and protect the professional consultation while driving a better service and retail landscape for the professional salon industry. ANTI Salon Business Access will enable you to become a more agile business with each component becoming a powerful group discussion and learning.